Dreams are dangerous. Once you speak them out loud they start to live their own lives. The longshot idea of Metaphor Safari has now taken us to Africa. After a long but comfortable journey from Stockholm over Amsterdam and Kilimanjaro Airport we arrived to the airport of Dar es Salaam where Ruth Nesje met us.

One of the first task was to buy the 3G datacard and a prepaid sim card to be able to create the wireless network that we will use during this week in order to share our experiences in the Metafari. The gentleman to the right guided me perfectly to find what I wanted.

We have now arrived at Blue Pearl Hotel where I could not wait to test the equipment.
AND IT WORKS! We now have a portable wireless Network with a router and a 500GB network drive.

The others are laughing at me. Ruth talks about us men and our “dubidutts” (as they call it in Norway – technology and gadgets bought by men). But just wait and see…… The dubidutts of yesterday soon becomes part of our daily life.

When we did not sleep during the trip we have talked about language and metaphors, on how we become aware about how metaphors are used in books and papers.

We are also grateful for the tips we get from friends who are interested in our metafari.

Denise Lalonde in New York has been extremely helpful. She pointed me to the works of George Lakoff when I met her in New York earlier this year. Here is an interesting conversation with George Lakoff about language in politics sent to me by Denise.

From Bernard Mohr received this link to a fascinating presentation by Eric Bonabeau – an expert in the area of swarm intelligence.

Enought for now and good night from Dar! Stay tuned at this site as our journey is progressing. Tomorrow, Day 0, we will rest and wait for Annet van de Vetering who joins us from the Netherland.

Day 1 will start just before sunrise on Sunday, Nov 25th, with an introduction to the Waterhole!

See you soon!


ps – we would gladly appreciate any comments on this site. ds

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