Hi Leif,

It was just a moment to get lost where there is no mobile telefone coverage and it doesnt feel like very bad as such.

I felt a relief of what it is like without all the beeps and rings. I have been fine and was able to meet Ruth in one of the times I came to Dar. She mentioned coming to Barcelona. I am working on some conflict situation around my home and my village area so I am kind of less in Town.

I just got a working visitor, a Norwegian who is interested to work in a maasai village as a nurse volunteer. I admire the thought and the courage to live in this back end of maasai village life.

Getting permits has been like very hectic but it looks like it shall be possible in the soonest.

I am fine and going on well just yesterday I got time to read the metafari weblogg. Perhaps direct on any input you think we should work on otherwise how many people are there sofar???How is the economic crisis in europe??In africa it is always economic crisis so no chocks as such. The bigest shock is very small rain which translates in the low harvest and therefore food shartage in Tanzania the whole coming year. It is a problem that arrives as you see and so we are looking forward to the scale of the situation.

It is great news about Linda. I admire her effort and vision to support and reach the off target direction of world underpriviledged people.
I have the phone working very well yesterday when i connect to Latitude I end up between the mainland and Zanizbar. Some satelites this phone and show totaly a wonderful fenomena of placing me in India and god knows where next.
How is Your end and the family??? I send all of you regards from this end and am relieved to know that it is summer probably otherwise it is sad for winter everyday around your life.
For now I send regards to you and lets communicate as I am available.
Bye for now.
Rafael ole Moono
p.o box 17 Handeni
tel: +255 784 499 332

On 4/8/09, Leif Josefsson <leif.josefsson@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Rafael!

It was a long time since. How are you? what’s up? It feels empty without the lifesigns. And we need to move forward if we want something to happen around the next Metafari.
I hope to present some more ideas on our network meeting in Barcelona in two weeks, and would appreciate more frequent contact with you. One way is to see you more frequent in Facebook updating your status, with small stories about what you do.
I hope your Nokia phone works. Your story is so interesting, and it is very simple to use the tools.
Well, no more for now before I hear from you. Then hope to have closer contact.
Your friend

Leif Josefsson
Förenklare / Facilitator
LeanderLeander AB
Communicate & Change
Ölandsgatan 48 – 116 63 Stockholm – tel +46 (0)70-773 00 54



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