We are meeting with Subirieu Mzuze who is the local manager of Maweni Farm. Rafael introduces Linda and Kristina as the partners who are operating HiNation, and he also give an introduction to the HiLight itself.

HiLight is a collection of technologies that makes use of solar energy that goes into a very small battery. Once you put it into the sun for 10 hours it can give light for 10 or 20 hours and it can also charge 3 mobile telephones. Here at the side of it you can see two sockets. One is a standard USB socket that can charge all types of phones. The other one is a micro USB socket that can be used to charge the HiLight.

When it comes to light there are two modes. On the less bright mode it can work for 20 hours. In mode 2 which is more brighter it can last for 10 hours. This is a test product that we are bringing to users for the first time. We need people who will use it and will help us give feedback on the use.

The HiLight is intended for rural communities, far out in the bush – where there is not light and electricity.

Subi listens.

Yes it is interesting to have it here in the lodge. But also for me personally. I don’t have electricity in my own house! This is what I will do. When we have guests here I will offer the HiLight to a guest, and when there is no guests I will bring it home.

Maweni Farm is a paradise spot up in the mountains. If you have the chance to go here, take it. Stay here for a week to write on a project, get inspiration for the book you are planning. Or go here with a group of colleagues to dream about the future. You get the best food I have had in Tanzania, and wonderful low key hospitality.

Emma Pmganga is your hospitality manager and Anjelina Kabelwa is the mama making the great food. See you here, sometime!

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