I ask Rafael about what we should write about as we are taking a break here in Arusha. But I realize when he starts to talk in metaphors that he is even more philosphical and metaphorical than I.

So I go into more practical mode and go back to our discussion in the car from Tanga and the interesting conversation we had about how we would calculate wages and fees in a collaboration between him and me. How would we create equal conditions taking into account the wast differences between Tanzania and Sweden.
“Rafael, how much would you need in salary in order to sustain a minimum level of living standard? And, if you would live a good life with your standards, how much would that take?”
“Leif, what would be the similar amounts for you?”
We compare numbers, standards, talk about how much people earn in different positions. It is interesting how practical conversations can be really learning experiences if being experienced in an atmosphere of curiosity.
Also we find now how we are moving toward much more clarity in what we want to achieve. Every new person we meet is a test object to tell about our projects, and we notice how our message becomes clearer and clearer each time.
We are doing this in the open, according the the principles of open source. Following this blog you are invited to use our thoughts, join our conversation, or just be inspired.
But of course, what we really want is for you to be so inspired that you will join us in Tanzania in October 2011 for one of our Metafaris that will take place then. We will do more work when we are in Arusha. Here in Same the mobile internet is a bit slow, and now we have to move on, hoping for Kilimanjaro to show itself for us as we pass by.
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