Today is my first full day in Tanga where I arrived yesterday by tuctuc, bus to Tanga and then tuctuc to Tanga International Conference Center. It was an amazingly comfortable journey that took not much longer than by car. Part of it was spent playing Angry Birds on my Ipad together with my young travel companion.

The last weeks were extremely busy so now being here is a feeling of “ooops, what now?”. But it is time to land, and then to start sorting things out, looking ahead.

So where am I now? Arrived Monday noon in Dar es Salaam and stayed at the Rainbow hotel in central Dar es Salaam over the night while Rafael went home to meet his wife Ellen.

On Tuesday Rafael picked me up in Dar and we took a taxi out to his house in Kunduchi, 25 km north of town.  We were lucky to make this trip in a little more than an hour. In the evening we went to the newly opened Restaurant and bar owned by Rafaels friend Damas and some other partners.  It became a late night with too much beer, sharing stories as one does in Tanzania.

Wednesday we headed to downtown Dar es Salaam with Dalla dalla bus and motorcycle taxi.  An interesting experience and not at all that uncomfortable that I had expected.  I learned that in Dar you should be happy if you can manage to fulfill one of the tasks you were hoping for…  So Rafael met with a government official to sort things out regarding his property, and I could sort out my problems with the SIM-card at the Vodacom office.

Coming back to his place again we had a very good chat with Ellen, his wife, about her business.  She has a small shop in the market area of Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, where she sells clothes she buys in Dubai.  We even made a business deal, and I am now an investor.  But this is secret, and I will not tell anybody about it until it is time.

We celebrated with a good dinner, and I had a good nights sleep to prepare me for the bus journey to Tanga the next day.

Up until yesterday I only saw the long distance buses from the outside.  Traveling inside one was actually a good experience, and here I am back to where my story started.

Inside me is now a feeling of nothingness, which is not entirely unpleasant.  So much to see, do, talk about, write about.   The only thing I know about the future is that tomorrow is a wedding at TICC.  Ellen Gjelstad and David Kimea are getting married, and I have to find a nice shirt to wear.  That’s why I went to town today, and after a first unsuccessful shopping round I went to Mkonge Hotel where I am enjoying the sea breeze and the view.

So here I am, ready to show up to what is showing up.

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