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Now this might be a strange topic to blog about here from Tanzania.  To focus on Sweden as one of the most creative, innovative and thriving countries in the world, while being here.

But it started yesterday in Facebook with a couple of people sharing the news about Sweden as the worlds most creative country in Business Insider.  Troed Troedsson connected it to a discussion  in Sweden about the story that our school system performing poorly in international comparison.  We also have a school minister who is promoting the idea to revert to “pulpit teaching”.

Bashing our schools seem to be a favorite pastime in many countries.  My son Emil who just graduated as teacher wondered:

If our schools are so poor, how come that our country fares so well?  Does that imply that what happens in the schools have little impact on the development of society?  Or does it mean that we don’t measure our schools in the right way?

Something else that I find interesting is the other countries that are in the top.  It is countries like Switzerland, US, Singapore, South Korea.  And Scandinavia.  Always the US and Scandinavia.

So another interesting question if we are to talk about politics is what system that is best?  High taxes – low taxes? Lots of government – less government. From the data collected, what path should a developing country choose?

And finally for us who live in the north.  Maybe we should become a bit more proud of what we have achieved – prosperity, creativity, tolerance and even sound public finances.  We are the nightmare of the American Tea Party movement!

Here are some samples of where Sweden is positioned in some rankings around creativity, innovation and prosperity.

Nr 1 – Most creative country in the world according to Business Insider

Nr 2 – Most thriving country in the world according to Gallup

Nr 2 – Most innovate country according to Real Clear World

Nr 2 – Most innovative country according to Global Innovation Index by INSEAD

Nr 5 – Most innovative country according to the Martin Prosperity Institute

Nr 10 – Most innovative country according to Boston Consulting Group

And yes, there is a connection to Tanzania – I will come to that later…

Below, another Swedish innovation



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nonsense... the native population is aging and fast declining. a poor mans wage is taxed 50% before he can take it back to his family table. Thats oppression. Its all simple maths. If you postpone having children (who represent the future) and Sweden does this to the highest level,  then you are drawing on a credit card... thats what Sweden has been doing for 40 years. Which brings us to the questions, when does the downwards slide start. 


According to the IMF it has started. (


In 2012, the real GDP dropped- first time in a generation. And what of this year? IMF warn of cloudy days ahead. 




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