I wake up early. It’s raining again. It should not rain. The small rain season is not supposed to be here yet.  And it is raining just like it was the main rain season.  It’s not like it used to be. Nothing is like it used to be. I guess that’s why I went here.  To explore my role in a world where nothing will be like it used to be.

I asked Rafael about a theme for the coming six months.  “Nomadism for change” was the immediate answer.  Great.  Accepted. Nomadism is about moving yourself to new places in adapting to the change around you.  Finding yourself in a new place means that you look at the world from a new perspective.

First draft by Ernest Mtaya, Tanzania

MetaSpace is an invitation to explore the world you take for granted with new eyes.  To look at your world from another perspective, or using the eyes of others.

MeaSpace as company name and logo found it’s form in January this year.   I wanted the Baobab tree as a basis for the logo and I got suggestions and sketches from a number of artists here in Tanzania, but when I got the logo from Henny Örtenberg it all fell in the right place. It was beautiful, and connected to a feeling of finding the perfect symbol for what I wanted to create.

I meet Henny attending the Zen coaching course.  For quite some time I have been looking out for a coaching approach that I could use myself as a coach. In Zen coaching I found something that was in alignment with my values and how I want to work.  This has also been a deepening process for myself as I have attended the training, being in coaching and giving coaching to others.

A draft from mr Lobolo, Arusha, Tanzania

In this process I found myself in a state of deepening concern.  As much as I felt I had come home with the new logo I could not get down to describe the content and how this could be translated to services and income.  The current income I had was too small and did not come from what I wanted to do.  What I wanted to do was not giving any income.  I was in deep agony.

There was also an awareness about a life transition, the one of becoming an elder which I have describe previously.  What do I want to make out of the remaining part of my work life?

All this came to a point the morning of Aug 17th.  As I could not see what I would work with at home this year, I got an image of myself being back at TICC – Tanga International Competence Center.  I wrote an email to Ruth Nesje – the founder.

In Tanzania I feel full of life.  With you, with Rafael, in the contexts I have found.  I am active, I write, I communicate.  At the same time calm and joyful

I realize that I have only scratched the surface during my visits in Tanzania.  That I have been there to short of a time to make sense out of it.

My question is:  Would it be possible to discuss being with you for a longer time, in a possible volunteer position?

Within an hour I got a response.

Welcome! Come!

Within hours other practical things were solved and then I had quite a process in preparing for both practical and emotional matters.

My process ended with three important events

I flew to Tanzania together with Rafael and today I have been here for a week.

So what I am doing here?


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