The blog has been quiet for a couple of days.  I will tell more about TICC, Tanga International Competence Center soon, but as it is getting late I just want to share some images from an afternoon that was amazing.

TICC is created by Ruth Nesje and her husband Odd Isaksson in the region of Tanga Tanzania.  Ruth and Odd has lived in Tanzania in different periods for more than 30 years, but nourished a dream to build a centre based on business principles that could be a positive force for the development of the region.  We have previously interviewed Ruth here.

I am here on a volunteer basis and will have TICC as a base for six months where I will work mainly in the following areas

  • Develop the presence of TICC on the web and social media
  • Collaborate to develop and market TICC through Metafari and other journeys aimed at mutual learning and development
  • Projects aimed at Community Development with a special focus on Off Grid issues
  • And other tasks where my competence can be of use…
This week has been flying away fast.  I have been trying to find my way into what is going on in the center.  We have now created a Facebook fan page and a closed group for staff and residents.  I am now also in Swahili training.  And I have been working with a work plan for my stay here.
Todays most memorable activity was the seminar this afternoon for all staff and students here at TICC, where all projects were presented  and where the participants in groups worked with what they had learned so far, and what they say as opportunities for development.  But the big bang of this session was when the Tanzanian students Gloria and Evelyn was invited to perform their new songs from a soon to be released album.  Suddenly the room boiled with energy, and everyone was up dancing.
For the web, we will transfer the current web to a WordPress site, with blogging and more interactivity. But it’s too late to write about that tonight.  Good night from Africa!
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