Some events last days has evoked very strong feelings of fear within me.  What will the future bring, will this endevaour succeed?  Am I on the right track?   I talk to Rafael about fear and about a situation when I was right up to the face of fear, but accepted it and could walk away.

I feel that between fear and courage there is thin divide between the choice to hang on and  see yourself through to the other end of the situation.  In going through a situation, fear is actually competing with the courage that wants you to reach the other end. What fear does is trying to confuse the passage through, from the current situation to the other end.

Courage always wants to bring you to the other end.  Fear frustrates, and confuses you, bringing chaos into the process of going through the the choice of decision of reaching through the courageous point.

Let’s say there is a passage to reach a treasure  at  the other end.  Between here and the end there are arrows, rocks, boobytraps and other deadly components.  Courage makes you hang on from one deadly object to another to go through this process of evading, phasing, dodging, to eventually reach the other side of the process.

Fear and courage are guys that are always together, and they are telling you different messages on your path forward coming through to the other end.  And fear is just confusing you going through this passage, or what I call the process to go through all this confusion, hindrance and frustration to stop this process.

One aspect of fear is blame, to blame events and other people for not reaching the better end.  But blame is one of the deadly traps along the way, and one of the easiest to get caught in, because it makes to loose track of your goal.

So we continue to talk about the beast that you see above, the one that is all the yelling, attack of negativity that you don’t want ot face or be associated with.  It’s like that you dare to step into a dark room where the beasts and ghosts are caged.  You have heard their scary murmur from below previously but now suddenly you get the courage to step into the room to finally listen to what they say.  And being there you even find a switch to turn the light on.  You hear their murmur now, but with the words they say.  “You are not good enough” “You can’t do that”.  When you see them, you can experience how silly they look.  You open the cage and let those silly beasts go away to be free.  And then you are free yourself.

Thank you for listening to this morning conversation.

What do you fear, and how do you find courage?

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Alkemisten - Paulo Coelho


I Fear - not see people i love again,
I find courage in my wispering heart, in what i call love. For me expression of love is courage


Good point with the blame, I agree on all points. Sometimes you need to just "go with the flow" and try and survive the tide. As it says on my Zapatist-poster (thanks Hanna ) : "Lo mas oscuro de la noche es antes del amaneger.".


Btw, I could not link in my friend Hanna from Facebook. I got a posting error returned.


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