Elisabet Wollsén joined us here in Arusha the other day.  This is the second time Elisabet is here in Tanzania, and she decided to join with her daughter Olivia to explore some ideas we have talked about for some time.  In 2008 we did a Narrative Metafari together in Dar es Salaam, Mikumi, Tanga and Nanyogie, and now we are exploring Arusha, the Engaruka Valley and a couple of National parks.

Elisabet is working out of narrative principles.  We are talking about her ideas.

Elisabet, what is it that you are doing…?

It is about a new language for which there is no common psychological  theory.  Where there is no way of looking outside yourself to find a solution.  The solution always come from the inside and is a relational knowledge.  Life cannot be translated, because there is always a context in time.

Everyone is as knowledgeable as anyone else, and it is impossible to do wrong.

And what does this mean?

As you have no forehand information, and no theory,  you need to look into yourself and the context for clues.  As there are no words and no external information you have to be informed by what happens inside yourself, and what is happening in the context, and then you will experience feelings and bodily sensations.  In some way you always know what you should do, and this is something that cannot be decided in the head.

Its knowledge in the making.   It cant be repeated, and it cannot be generalized.  It can only be.  And its in the hand of others what to do with it.  There is no control

So what are the consequences?

You get access to all gathered experience and knowledge

  • You cannot know
  • You can’t do wrong

Now we move over to the concept of constellations that you work with.  So what is a constellation.

Constellation or Life staging is a way to stage your life, questions, dilemmas, context etc and look at it without words .  This is another language that is not fit to answer in words.  So, in order to know, will have to try it.

Aha, how about trying it in Engaruka?  Rafael is not entirely convinced….

Well, we are a talking people.  So what is this about constellations?  Is it about drama?  Hmm, if we are to try it in Marias village I will have to find some connection to a Maasai tradition to do this.

Will we be be able to try constellations/life staging with a Maasai village group in Engaruka?  Follow us and you will know.   What do you think?

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There's a lot to say here. Maybe I would support @Rafael Anyway, to me, this is an (western, US, science) explanation of how we reach some of the features mentioned above?


About the language, I personally believe that it reaches beyond our thoughts, and it is a social activity to develop it, how WE develop it in our communities.

Loved the photo of little Leif on FB!


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