I find myself in Athens (how this happened is a long story).  I connect with Ann Shacklady Smith at breakfast and we decide to go out in Athens to do a Metasaga and see what the city wants to say to us.

Ann picks the first Metasaga spots.  The house that is enclosed in the bougainville.  The church that is enclosed in scaffolding hiding the transformation to become renewed to what it once was.  The statue of the priest, and the open arms of welcoming, but is this someone who can be trusted?

We set out with a new idea.  Lets walk in silence and see where the path leads us.   And it leads us to the Church of Metamorphosis up in Plaka.  We are watching in silence as an old man rises up from a stone bench, picks up a key ring, open the doors and invite us to the church.  As we enter he goes through the routine of lighting the candles and preparing the small chapel for visitors. We say nothing, just being there in silence.

– Let’s go downwards to continue our exploration

As we start to walk, suddenly this black dog appears and will follow us all the way back to our hotel.  We pass a sign saying Sissifos which gives us the sentence  “Metamorphosis of Sisyphos”.  Maybe that one day it is possible to find a way to push that stone up to the top and find rest.

Coming back into commercial Athens our road is blocked by another old church.  We stop to reflect and enjoy the orange tree with all the fruits hanging there to be picked.  Our guide, the black dog, wants to be in the picture before we move on towards the future.  Ann will go to New Zealand on Saturday, and I will go back to Tanzania on Sunday.

And the morning exploration becomes a wonderful metaphor for how life is there for us to discover, and that guidance and support is there for us when we need it.

Please join our Metasaga walk in the image story below.

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Athens is a wonderful city. I was there over 10 years ago, long before they invested money for the Olympics and thought it was a very vibrant place. Life is there for us to discover - spot on.

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