I am more and more getting in sync with the tide and becoming aware of the highs and lows.  Today, the morning high tide was at 05:48.  I have set the alarm but wake up earlier.  The cooler morning air is refreshing, even though the thermometer at the receptions says 28.6 C

The tide is still coming in when I arrive at the little beach by Saidi’s workshop, the Nautic.  The current is moving slowly, slowly from the sea, so the tide is still on its way in.

Sunrise behind the clouds.  A sense of stillness, with birdsong when you open your ears.   The water is welcoming, and the pool is wide and still.  Everywhere water.  I try to find different positions to take some good picture, but the feeling is difficult to capture in images.  The experience is so much greater.

“Come in.  Welcome, Karibu” says the water.  I enter and am greeted by the cool and gentle salt water.  The gentle current takes me drifting slowly inland.  Slowly, slowly the current come to a stop.  I discover that the “stop” is only a few minutes.  Almost unnoticeable and yet immediately the direction switches and water is starting to flow out towards the ocean.

The Metafari program for the day of the tide is taking shape.  The low tide will be a walk heading out towards the ocean and the sandbanks.  We will start about half an hour before low tide and walk in silence.  It will be muddy and hot and some kinds of shoes are required.  The landscape will shift as we walk through mangrove bushes and trees, crossing small water pools and then reach the ocean where the sandbanks stretch out past the mangrove.

Some 5,5 hours later in high tide this is a water landscape, so we will explore it by boat.  We will start our high tide journey by walking through the tidal landscape between the Centre and the fishing village, which is covered with water only on an hour or so at the highest level of the tide. At other times this is just a sand plain where thousands of small crabs are filling it with life.  At the fishing village we will embark on a boat and slowly move with the tide as it flows in and enter the most inner parts of the tidal landscape before coming to a still, and then gently returning with the tide back to where we started our journey

This is a day of exploration of the high and low.  We will use silent reflection, journal writing, story sharing and dialogue to make sense out of the experiences from the tidal landscape.  The imprints in our minds will stay long after this journey has come to an end, and the photographic images of this day will be useful tools for us when we need a reminder that after low tide there is always a high tide coming again.

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