Stockholm. Home. Lost.

Today is like a migraine without headache.  The weeks that passed are a blur in the moment.  So where have we been?

Rafael ole Moono arrived from Tanzania on Sunday April 22.  Next day we left for Belgium and the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Ghent.

Six days in Ghent of lectures, reconnection with friends, new connections, workshops.  Late evenings with Belgian beer.  And then our workshop on Saturday April 28.  A little more than 20 people came, and it was an amazing experience to take the people in the room to the Water hole, the Mangrove Tidal Swamp and the Maasai village of Nanyogie.  The feedback we got was truly encouraging and let us know that we are on the right track

Back to Sweden on April 29th we stayed with the friends Elisabet Wollsén and Tommy Kvarnlöf outside Flen.  Celebrating the pagan spring festival of Valborgsmässoafton at April 30th with other friends as well was quite an experience.  And two farm visits was also amazing.  The Kings Cows at Stenhammar Estate and the cow milk robot at Flassbro Gård gave new perspectives to our discussions about Maasai cattle.

Oslo, Norway….  Promotion tour for the leadership journey co-arranged by the Norwegian Communication consultancy Axxept and Tanga International Competence Centre


Meetings with the Norwegian Federation of Enterprizes, interview with Aftenposten and a lecture for an Executive Masters class in PR and Strategic Communication at the Oslo School of Business..  Rafael is a brilliant speaker, and the meetings was really fun.

Back to Sweden.  Now up to Leksand Folkhögskola and the dairy at Grådö.  With Leksand we have collaborated to sponsor Handeni Folk Development College with the first public Internet Access points in Handeni.  Rafael spoke to the students and then we had a great discussion with the Anki Gullback, Alf Wigren and Camilla Mattsson about future plans.

Next day off to Milko Grådö who has now become Arla Grådö through a merger.  So now this dairy is part of one of the largest dairy companies in the world.  Here we met with “Milko-Bertil” – Bertil Wennberg who is running a number of micro dairy projects in Tanzania.  One project is to provide these dairies with equipment that is no longer used in the production at Grådö.  Below Rafael & Bertil is inspecting milk tanks

Well, after writing this, confusion has given way to direction.  Now out for another great meeting.


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