Welcome to travel Tanzania and the Tanga region together with Leif Josefsson and Rafael ole Moono to explore people and places of the inner Tanga region.


This is an open journey and a unique opportunity. Some in this journey are members of a European Network around Appreciative Inquiry, and some will come from the town of Leksand in Sweden. We will visit the partner school of Leksand Folk High School where the school together with Rotary of Leksand is funding a Guest House for visitor. And the journey will end at the start of the European Network meeting at Tanga International Competence Center in Tanga. It is an open journey so there is no requirement to be connected to either the network or to Leksand. This also makes it a unique experience to a price far below what would be expected.

The journey starts in the bustling market district of Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam where the expanding economy of Tanzania can be felt as almost a physical presence.

We will spend one night in the old trading post and beach town Bagamoyo, and then travel for a one day Safari to Saadani National Park where we will spend a night at the eco lodge there.

Connecting to the Town of Handeni, an upcoming centre of mineral industry and farming that just become accessible through a new chinese built tarmac road. Some will stay at the Leksand guest House built by the students at Handeni Folk Development College. The rest will stay at a local hotel, probably Handeni Country Villa hotel

Exploring the Maasai Steppe (partly by foot), the people, the nature and the challenges of global transformation. Staying with the families in their traditional houses.

Moving up into the 30 million year old Usambara Mountains, a unique Biodiversity hotspot, where villagers dream of a kind of tourism that will benefit the local people.

This journey offers a unique possibility to explore and experience themes of leadership, diversity, development and sustainability. As consultants and leaders you will have a unique experience of meeting in dialogue with people who have had very little contact with any kind of western influence.

You will hear and share stories about hope, about leadership, use of technology, and of social change.

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